Trump calls for passage of legislation, after Supreme Court ruling on Filipino felon’s case

President Donald Trump urged lawmakers to quickly pass legislation that would allow the deportation of undocumented immigrants who commit violent crimes, after the Supreme Court voted in a landmark case yesterday involving a Filipino.

The justices spared the deportation of Filipino James Garcia Dimaya — who previously pleaded guilty to burglary, and essentially invalidated a provision of federal law that requires the mandatory deportation of immigrants who have been convicted of some “crimes of violence”, holding that the law is unconstitutionally vague.

Trump took to Twitter following the ruling and said, “This is a public safety crisis that can only be fixed by Congress – House and Senate must quickly pass a legislative fix to ensure violent criminal aliens can be removed from our society.

We talked with Atty. Lou Tancinco about this matter.

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  • Mario
    19 April 2018 at 4:34 pm - Reply

    Trump SC appointee Justice Gorsuch, made the right decision, Dimaya is a GREEN CARD holder, he came to America legally, he is a permanent resident that is why he is called immigrant.The definition of crime of violence is very vague it needs Legislation. But if Dimaya should had been an illegal alien, he should have been deported immediately. You can not just deport a Green card holder or immigrant without proper court trial. But for illegal alien, they are not supposed to be here in America…

  • Santiago Del Mundo
    19 April 2018 at 11:51 pm - Reply

    The problem here is that Dimaya committing burglary rubs on all of us in the Filipino community. There are many Filipinos who are doing really good but pepple like Dimaya drags all of us into a running storm drsin…