Trump brings RNC to a close, accepts GOP mantle

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The four-day Republican National Convention came to a close Thursday night with billionaire Donald Trump accepting the GOP’s presidential nomination. In his 75-minute address he painted himself as the answer to America’s biggest woes and the bringer of justice against America’s biggest foes. Paul Henson has the highlights of the RNC finale in tonight’s top story report.

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  • Mario
    22 July 2016 at 11:49 pm - Reply

    Last night,Obama with a crowd of Moslems only and group of Immam, celebrated the end of Islam holiday at the WH, while TRUMP delivering his triumphant GOP speech. Last week, in Germany a man shooting ALLAHU AKBAR with an AX, killed several passengers inside the train. Then Merkel insisted that Germany will introduced Islam lessons in School. Today, another man shooting Allahu Akbar killed 10 McDonald customers in Munich.This is what is coming to America, I think only TRUMP can save America, a Clinton win is the continuation of Obama policy on Islam. ISLAM means SUBMISSION, it is called as religion of peace, if you submit to Islam there is peace.