Trump, Biden spar in chaotic first presidential debate

The first debate between President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Vice President Joe Biden, quickly turned into a chaotic night filled with interruptions and name-calling between the two candidates. The highlights in this report from North America News Bureau Chief TJ Manotoc.

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  • Mario
    1 October 2020 at 4:42 am - Reply

    If you are TRUMP fans, Trump won, the same thing with Biden, this debate is intended on the 25% INDEPENDENT VOTERS. Trump said BIDEN called Black as Super Predator on 1994 Crime Bill, WRONG Biden called them “Preditor from the Street”.HClinton called the Black Super Predator in 1996. Biden sponsored the 1994 Crime Bill, every 5 Criminals,4 are Black, that goes to jail. 2019 TRUMP passed Criminal Justice reform, for Black with a light crime, already reformed are given an early pardon…. Google reported HUNTER BIDEN search increase 10-folds and discover more. Confirmed Hunter collected $3.5M from Moscow Mayors wife,$1.5Billion from China, UKRAINE Hunter became the Director of Burisma Energy received several million.. Muslims went wild praised BIDEN using Arabic words “INSHALLAH”, translated as “God Willing”, during last night debate while discussing TRUMP ITR. Today’s TRUMP rally in Duluth,Minnesota, 25K crowd, slam Chris Wallas,Joe Biden and Fake media..