Trump beefs up impeachment legal team with high-profile, seasoned lawyers

President Donald Trump turns to some legal heavyweights to help defend him in next week’s Senate impeachment trial.

Leading Trump’s defense team is White House counsel Pat Cipollone, and Trump’s private attorney Jay Sekulow.

The historic trial at the upper chamber already kicked off last Thursday — but the opening statements are expected to be made on Tuesday.

The impeachment saga is expected to raise doubts on Trump’s chances of winning another four-year term.

A White House source told Reuters that his allies plan to launch a massive effort to limit damage to his re-election bid.

Trump now plans to travel to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland next week, to emphasize the strength of U.S. economy –a major theme in his campaign for the November polls.

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  • Mario
    19 January 2020 at 10:17 pm - Reply

    TRUMP assembled a strong Defense lawyer team, versus the Democrat defense lawyer team. It is just like a Pro-football team versus High School football team. It will be a mismatch. GOP plan is to embarrassed the Democrat who created this Impeachment since day 1 ONE when Trump got elected… TRUMP will travel to DAVOS, Switzerland next week. US will be again the envy of the World. CHINA almost gave everything that Trump asked for. China will buy $250B of US product on US-China Phase 1, yet they maintain 25% Tariff leverage for Phase 2. USMCA trade deal is completed, it is a $1.1 Trillion/year Trade deal, expected to create 178K jobs…849 minutes coverage on IMPEACHMENT versus 9-minute coverages on Trump trade deal accomplishment… Goldman Sachs, Wallstreet Company conducted client poll, 87% said Trump will be re-elected, suddenly they are pro-Trump. TRUMP haters said they do not like TRUMP because of his TONE, he should act Presidential, but still will vote for him because their 401K and savings account is getting bigger, and growing every day…