Trump attends fundraisers ahead of Nevada caucuses

President Donald Trump touched down in California on Tuesday for a series of events.

As Trump’s convoy made its way to the Montage Hotel where he met with 2028 Olympic officials, he was greeted by supporters.

Some celebrated his recent Senate acquittal, while others called for his re-election.

On his agenda for Tuesday and Wednesday, meetings with Olympic officials in Beverly Hills, a visit to Bakersfield over water issues and several fundraisers.

Following his California trip, he’s also held rallies in Phoenix on Wednesday, Colorado on Thursday and Las Vegas on Friday.

His California visit comes as his administration announced plans to send ICE reinforcement in sanctuary cities like Los Angeles.

Mayor Eric Garcetti then posted a message to undocumented Angelenos, saying that the city will not take part in the president’s immigration crackdown.

“Rest assured here in Los Angeles we are not coordinating with ICE.”

During his Olympics meeting, the president criticized Los Angeles and San Francisco for their pro-immigrant policies and their homelessness issues.

“I think it’s terrible… sanctuary cities as you know are very dangerous. You just look at some of the horrific crimes that are committed that wouldn’t happen if you didn’t have a sanctuary for criminals. And with L.A., San Francisco and other places — but they have one thing in common, the leadership — and there’s no reason that this should have ever happened, our greatest cities. Number one you look at the homeless and how horrible that situation is. But also, look what it is doing to your cities. So, disgraceful.”

While Trump’s supporters did come out, protests also took place blocks away from Trump’s Beverly Hills meeting.

As the Democratic picture settles, Trump has continued raking in the big bucks. He and the RNC raised 60 million dollars in January. They believe the surge in donors was fueled by the impeachment process.

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  • Mario
    21 February 2020 at 10:27 pm - Reply

    TRUMP Tent City, American Patriot linning-up for Las Vegas Rally, before Colorado Rally. Colorado Rally 20,000 attended, 31,000 tickets sold. 8,000 Arena capacity is allowed to get in. Others stayed outside watching on a big TV screen. Democrat Las Vegas caucus has no winner yet, there is a computer glitch, just like what happened to Iowa Caucus. Every Trump rally, the gatekeepers reported that 20%-25% of the attendees are Democrat. When you ask for tickets, Trump volunteers will give you a ticket and asked for your name and telephone number. Their computer will find out who are newcomers and regular supporters. Trump rally in Las Vegas will be on Friday, and thousand already sleeping beside the Stadium for tomorrow’s rally.