Trump at bipartisan meeting: No wall, no DACA

President Donald Trump urged Republican and Democratic lawmakers to come together and create a bill that protects hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants — provided it also funds his border wall.

In a bi-partisan meeting today at the White House, Trump pledged to sign any bill that protects beneficiaries of the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA program.

But border security protections have to be part of it.

Trump said without the border wall, Americans don’t have security.

Trump and his fellow Republicans have been unsuccessful at reaching a deal with the Democrats — who are reluctant to fund his border wall — a campaign promise he wants to fulfill.

But time is running out. The DACA program ends in early March — putting an estimated 700,000 young immigrants at risk of being deported.

The immigration discussions are part of a bigger series of talks over issues ranging from funding the federal government through next September.


“I feel having the Democrats in with us is absolutely vital. This should be a bipartisan bill. This should be a bill of love, truly this should be a bill of love. We can do that.”

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  • Mario
    11 January 2018 at 9:46 pm - Reply

    Trump showed genius, against 20 politician(Dem & GOP)on a live 45 minutes TV coverage meeting for DACA,Border Wall, end Chain and Lottery youtube: “Trump 1/9/18 historic public meeting”Trump grew-up from the boardroom, showed calmness, always in control during the debate and brilliant leadership.American viewers were shocked how Trump handle a deal, that in the end both party were happy leaving the conference room.The fantasy of mental instability from the media again is over.From Center for Immigration studies, DACA are not kids, all adult bet the age of 16-30. 85% are Hispanic, 25% are functionally illiterate in English language,only 46% have basic English skill, 4% DACA completed College degree and 73% DACA live in a low income household qualified for free lunch, at the public school, and other Federal welfare benefits.1 in 5 DACA who lack English proficiency would end-up in a food stamps within 10 years.No DACA bill submitted to Trump before March 4 deadline, mass deportation to follow.