Trump approves proposed Senate healthcare bill, to replace Obamacare

WASHINGTON, DC — President Donald Trump praised the Senate Republicans’ version of legislation that would replace Obamacare.

Senators aim to put the draft bill to a vote possibly as early as next week.

The Senate’s version — called the Better Care Reconciliation Act — was introduced by Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell. It is closely similar to the House bill that passed last month, but with some key amendments.

The major change to health care comes in the form of Medicaid.

The Senate bill drastically cuts back federal funding of this federal-state health insurance program for low-income, seniors and people with disabilities.

The bill also ends the Obamacare mandate that everyone buy insurance, or else pay a fine.

It also repeals taxes on wealthy americans and insurance companies.

It will strip funding from Planned Parenthood for a year.

But some major components of obamacare are kept in place. The senate bill makes no changes in the law protecting individuals with pre-existing conditions from being denied insurance.

Young adults up to the age of 26 are able to stay on their parents’ insurance.

House of Representatives speaker Paul Ryan urged the Senate to pass the bill, because Obamacare is collapsing.


“I think the bottom line is I want them to pass the bill so we can all get on with keeping our promise. Got to remember, the system is collapsing.”


Amid protests outside the senate office after the Obamacare replacement bill was unveiled.

Democrats expressed their deep opposition to it, making the route to passage extremely narrow for the GOP, with no assurances that moderates and conservatives will be able to bridge their differences.

Four conservative GOP senators have already said they will oppose it.


“It is still, and as the President called the House bill, ‘mean’ — after celebrating its passage, he then changed to saying it is mean,” said Nancy Pelosi, house minority leader. “He said he hopes that the Senate bill will have heart. So sad Mr. President. Heartless, mean and heartless.”


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