Trump and Clinton victorious in New York primaries

NEW YORK – The Empire State building turned solid red after Donald Trump’s huge win in New York’s Republican primary.

Trump raked in 89 delegates after receiving 60.5 percent of the votes. With a quarter of the votes, Kasich bagged three delegates while Cruz had zero delegates at 14.5 percent.

“We don’t have much of a race anymore, based on what I’m seeing on television,” said Trump. “Senator Cruz is just about mathematically eliminated.”

Meanwhile, at the Clinton headquarters, the crowd went wild when CNN projected that New York’s adopted daughter won the Democratic primary.

“It’s humbling that you’d trust me with the awesome responsibilities that await the next,” said Clinton. “To all the people who supported Senator Sanders, I believe there is much more that unites us than divides us President.”

58 percent of New Yorkers voted for Clinton while 42 percent for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Clinton raked in 139 of the 247 delegates at stake, while Sanders got 108.

Marilyn Abalos of Fil-Ams for Hillary said Clinton’s message was positive.

“Reconciliation, unity with her opposition, the other Democrat,” said Abalos. “It’s very important we all vote for Democrat this November.”

For Jason Benjamin Tengco, AAPI outreach director of the Clinton campaign, said her victory is a testament of the outreach for the campaign, especially to the Asian-American and Fil-Am community.

“I’m really proud to be Filipino-American and to be serving as Asian American Outreach Director,” said Tengco. “I understand the needs of the community, just like Hillary does.”

After the New York victory, Clinton now has 1,428 total pledged delegate while Sanders trails with 1,151.

“The race for the Democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is in sight,” said Clinton.

Sanders congratulated Clinton on her victory but is concerned about the 125,000 Democratic voters taken off from the rolls in Brooklyn. 12,000 of the voters had moved out of Brooklyn whole the rest were inactive voters. Those who failed to vote in two successive federal elections were removed, according to the Board of Elections.

“It is absurd in Brooklyn, New York, where I was born actually, tens of thousands of people have been purged from the voting rolls,” said Sanders.

There are 1,382 pledged delegates left in the Democratic contest. Clinton needs 955 to win the nomination, while Sanders needs 1,232 to clinch the magic number of 2,383 delegates to win the Democratic nomination.

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