Trump and Biden step up presidential campaign in very different ways

Trump touts immigration during campaign visit to Arizona

PHOENIX, AZ — Just days after his first campaign event since the pandemic in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he saw a much smaller crowd than expected, President Donald Trump took his campaign to the battleground state of Arizona, where he touted immigration.

Speaking to a group of students in phoenix, Trump railed against his Democratic rival, saying liberals like him hate U.S. values.

“They hate our history. They hate our values and they hate everything we prize as Americans. And we’re right. Because our country didn’t grow great with them. It grew great with you and your thought process and your ideology.”

While in Arizona, Trump also took the time to tout the construction of a border wall.

“Without these public health measures, the southern border would be a global epicenter of the viral transmission. And if you look at some of the towns on the other side of the wall – as an example, in California, we have a certain area that is heavily infected on the Mexico side. And if we didn’t have a border wall, there would be a – it would be really a catastrophic situation.”

Obama helps raise $11 million in first campaign event for Biden’s white house bid

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, the Democratic party’s presumptive nominee, held a virtual campaign event — with former President Barack Obama making his first appearance alongside him since endorsing him for president in April.

Obama helped raise more than $11 million for his former vice president — as they urged supporters to meet the urgency of the moment.

“I am here to say that help is on the way if we do the work, because there’s nobody that I trust more to be able to heal this country and get it back on track than my dear friend Joe Biden.”

The latest average of national polls in Arizona see Biden leading Trump by 4 points.

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    25 June 2020 at 4:23 am - Reply

    TRUMP inspected the 212 Miles border wall, hoping to finish 500 miles wall by the end of the year….It happens again, Joe Biden starts talking to a video recording questionnaire during Fundraiser with Obama. This is the best of the Democrat Party, Biden had never picked his VP possibly SUSAN RICE, she is Obama’s pick…TRUMP Exec. Order prevents entry on CHAIN migration on green card holders, until December. Halting H-1B visa(high skilled), and H-2B(lower skill).

    • Arbi
      25 June 2020 at 1:13 pm - Reply

      you’re suffering from terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrometime (DTS) – time for your hydroxychloroquine and lysol injections 🙂 …