Trump admits blunt approach could cost him votes, some Fil-Ams agree

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is known for being tough-talking and unapologetic. But today, while on camping trail, Trump acknowledged that his lack of political correctness and blunt approach could cost him the election. We look at how the billionaire businessman has made headlines recently because of his usual bravado and why it’s turning off some undecided Fil-Am voters.  Don Tagala reports.



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  • Mario
    12 August 2016 at 6:33 pm - Reply

    Most Filipinos voters are more educated then the so called low information voters. Trump speak the language of the masses, the low information voters, who are loyal to him,this are the 47%, that brought Obama in to the WH. Trump is losing on the media poll, but winning on the ground.Trump campaign everyday with over 10,000 crowd, while Hillary being sickly and weak, campaign every 3-4 days with 500 crowd. The media published a photoshops on Hillary’s campaign showing thousand crowds. Trump spend 45min-1hrs at the stages, joking and entertaining the crowd, while Hillary spend less than 30 minutes at the stage. For comparison, go to youtube; DTrump 8-11-16, and youtube; HClinton 8-11-16, you can listen to their campaign every day, just write the current date.