Trump administration unveils proposal that could disqualify green card applicants who use public benefits

The Trump administration’s latest attempt to overhaul the legal immigration system is a new proposal, stacking stack the odds against those looking to migrate to the U.S., but have little.

The Department of Homeland Security unveiled a proposal over the weekend that would make it more difficult for immigrants who are dependent on public benefits to qualify for a green card.

The proposal would make U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services examine if a green card applicant has been using public benefits — such as food stamps, Obamacare, and other public benefits — and disqualify them if they are seen as a public charge.

Current immigration laws have required officials to narrowly exclude applicants that would likely become a public charge, that are primarily dependent on the government for subsistence, but immigration officials have been lax in enforcing it.

The proposal will be published in the federal register in the coming weeks, and the public will have a chance to comment on it for sixty days.

Critics of the proposal fear that this rule would have a negative effect on immigrants who would be afraid to apply for health and food programs.

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  • Mario
    25 September 2018 at 6:45 am - Reply

    In my home State only US citizen are allowed to avail of government benefits. For immigrant or green card holder, they are not qualified for government benefits. I don’t understand why other States give welfare benefits to illegal alien,still far away of becoming a green card holder.What I knew, the new Trump immigration reform, being prepared,you CAN NOT be qualified to become a US naturalized citizen if during your 5-10 yrs,as green card holder, you received a government welfare benefits,Obamacare, food stamps, even though you pass the naturalization test, they will never allow you to attend the oath taking.

    • Arbi
      25 September 2018 at 5:33 pm - Reply

      BS prove it! … your home State of Laguna is not part of USA