Trump administration says it will move forward on affirmative action

Earlier this summer, the Trump administration said that it was abandoning policies that the Obama administration put in place, when it came to universities considering race as a factor in admitting students.

California’s Democrats and their allies have said that the move perpetuates racism in this country and will continue to hold back minority students.

Since 1996, the passage of Proposition 209 meant a California-ban on affirmative action.

For example, these panelists say that due to the loss of affirmative action, schools have been re-segregated.

“We’ve seen flagships schools like UC Berkeley and UCLA have become predominantly white, with only certain Asian groups where Black and Latino and underrepresented Asian groups, including Filipinos and South-east Asians, have been pushed to the lower tier schools or out of the education system entirely,” says Winnie Kao from the Asian Law Caucus.

The discussion panel also weighed in on how affirmative action takes into account the different challenges minority students may be facing.

“When you look at a 3.4 from a minority student in a segregated school in the inner city that number represents — hurdles and struggles that maybe isn’t reflected in a 3.4 for a white student and a majority white school.”

In terms of applying to college, advocates for affirmative action say schools should take into account more than SAT’s or an entrance exam.

“They want to be seen in a more holistic way; their extracurriculars, their grades, the different ways they’re involved in the community, and their background,” said Vincent Pan.

Despite the Justice Department’s announcement to roll back 24 federal guidelines that they deemed unnecessary, many universities are vowing to stick with their admissions policies.

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  • Mario
    21 August 2018 at 1:04 am - Reply

    I am in favor of Trump roll back on Affirnative Action. Under the OBAMA regime policy on Affirmative Action is:, If you are Black, Asian, Hispanic, and you get a low grades in the entrance test and SAT, because of your color, race you should be on the priority list to get accepted in the University. Under the Trump system it is by MERIT SYSTEM, the best of the best in the SAT Test should get priority to enter the University and Colleges, that simple. Now they blame more White American getting in the University, check their grades simple as that.