Trump administration rejects CDC’s reopening states plan

As President Donald Trump rushes to reopen the economy amid the pandemic — reports have come out that the White House has rejected the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s comprehensive reopening plan.

The nation’s top disease investigators from the CDC crafted the report with step-by-step advice to local authorities on how and when to reopen restaurants and other public places.

“Guidance for Implementing the Opening Up America Again Framework” was created to guide business owners, educators, church leaders, and local officials as they begin to reopen.

The CDC expected the document to be released and endorsed by the White House on Friday, May 8.

But the White House rejected the detailed plan — saying they were too dictatorial and infringed on religious rights.

“The state’s lead on this and that’s what that’s what we’re doing. It’s governor-led decision. But we encourage everyone to follow the experts written guidelines that we’ve put forward,” said Kayleigh Mcenany, white house press secretary.

Health experts have raised alarm over the white house snub, and so has house speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“If you’re going to have a standard, you really have to have a federal standard because as we know viruses know no borders nationally, but they certainly don’t know any state borders. I think that the way this has been handled is most unfortunate, because first of all, they had guidelines, which were weak but nonetheless guidelines, and then the president said you don’t even have to honor them, and then we find out now that there was a CDC report that had much more comprehensive guidelines, and they buried it in the White House. So, again, what is our goal? Our goal is a healthy America, a healthy economy. The root to that is to have standards, testing, and, again, not bury what the CDC is recommending, then who was making this decision? Does he pay attention to the scientists? I don’t know. The point is, is that we want to open up but not in a way that causes more deaths.”

By this weekend — at least 45 states have begun lifting restrictions.

In Nevada, some businesses are reopening but there is no green light yet for casinos.

“Strip clubs and brothels will not be reopening under phase one. Spas, tanning salons, massage parlors, body art and body piercing establishments will also not be opening under phase one. And as a reminder, gaming establishments will not, will not, reopen in phase one. Gaming operations shall remain closed until the Gaming Control Board determines that operations may safely resume.”

In Montana, some students are now going back to school and some parents said they feel their kids will be safe.

And in California Governor Gavin Newsom gave his broadest loosening of the stay-at-home order so far, now allowing some retailers to reopen but customers can’t go inside stores just yet.

“We’ve talked about how retailers are going to be doing more curbside pickup, potentially delivery and all done in that physically distanced way with those modifications.”

Amid the easing up of restrictions, health experts are calling for more testing to keep the public safe.

“We need much more testing. Other places have done a much better job than we have in the u.S. It’s very sad to see my country not doing as well as it might. We need to put up very large amounts of testing. As people go back to work, to ask, are people getting infected? Can you keep workers safe?” said Frederic Bushman, Department of Microbiology — Univ. of Pennsylvania.

The U.S. now has more than 1,270,000 cases of COVID 19 — with more than 76,000 deaths.

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