Trump administration orders massive ICE crackdown on undocumented immigrants

President Donald Trump confirmed that the nationwide immigration raids are indeed happening this weekend in 10 major cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.

When asked by the media on why he’s giving a “warning” by announcing the nationwide Immigration and Customs Enforcement operation, Trump had this to say: “Nothing to be secret about. If the word gets out it gets out. Because hundreds of people know about it, it’s a major operation. So the word gets out it gets out.”

At least 2,000 immigrant families with final removal orders are targets for arrest and deportation.

“We’ll focus on criminals as much as we can.”

Meanwhile, immigrants and their advocates are staging protests all over the country — not only to protest the raids, but to call for an end to ICE.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed President Trump for spreading fear among immigrants.

“This brutal action will terrorize children and tear families apart.”

The raids were originally scheduled last month — but Trump said he wanted to give Congress time to compromise on a solution to the border crisis.

Republican leaders are blaming Pelosi for failing to act on a border legislation.

“She asked the president to delay it. And he said he would, would you take some action? It is the speaker who is causing this problem.”

For her part, Pelosi urged fellow Democrats to convince religious leaders to put pressure on Trump to stop the raids. She also told them to let undocumented immigrants know about their legal rights.

“If ICE agents don’t have a warrant signed by a judge, a person may refuse to open the door and let them in.”

BA got some mixed reactions from Fil-Ams on the planned nationwide immigration raids.

Kenzi Hilario Laceste of Tracy, California said she is absolutely not in favor of the raids.

She said, “Trump is not fixing our immigration system by deporting and separating families from the only home they know, when all they’ve ever strived for is a better life for their family!”

Romina Sapinoso of El Paso, Texas, who is also against the raids, said, “Please don’t let the documented or undocumented status of somebody be your dividing line. We are all kin and fellow human beings.”

Jemilynn Aguirre of Los Angeles, who is in favor of the raids, said “this is not about politics — this is about the government getting rid of undocumented immigrants who abuse the system and take opportunities away from legal residents.”

Aguirre’s partner, SJ Salgado Gandia, was undocumented for 18 years, but she said she was never a burden to the government. She’s also in favor of the raids, and has a message to undocumented immigrants.

“Being illegal is a choice. Huwag tayong maging pabigat. Let’s prepare for it. Explore all avenues for us to be legal.”

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  • Mario
    14 July 2019 at 2:06 am - Reply

    1.1Million already given a removal order(they went to court already and lost, given chance for a voluntary departure)This are the target for deportation starting Sunday. Most of the Latinos ready for deportation are already in hiding. ICE has no problem with Filipino with Deportation order. They can not hide, because they knew the FILIPINO CULTURE, Pinoys report fellow Pinoys to ICE.”Baka umasensu ka lalagpasan mo ako”, that is Pinoy culture. Obama deported 3.1Million in 8 years, Trump deported less than 300K in 3 years. Obama ICE are far better and more efficient, that is why Trump appointed former Obama ICE to lead the deportation.