Trump administration launches bid to revoke citizenship for fraud applicants

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services is launching an office in Los Angeles that will focus on identifying people who have lied during their application process and revoke their citizenship.

USCIS is hiring several dozen lawyers and immigration officers to look into the cases of immigrants who were ordered deported, and are suspected of using fake identities to later get green cards and citizenship through naturalization. The denaturalization office is expected to be running next year.

The new task force reverses decades of policy in the US in which denaturalization was rare.

Immigration law professor James Friedberg told the Charleston Gazette Mail that this new task force will be much harder to enact the Trump administration might think.

Friedberg said, “This is a judicial matter more than an executive, ultimately, and therefore it takes more time than Trump imagines.”

Friedberg also pointed out that it will require a very high burden of proof on the US government to show in each case, that by clear and convincing evidence, the person committed fraud on his or her naturalization application.

He continued, “that’s a lot of legal work if you’re talking about thousands of cases.”

Many immigrants could be affected by these denaturalization efforts.

To get to the bottom of this new policy by the Trump administration is Pinoy Panawagan counsel Attorney Lou Tancinco who joins us here in the BA studio.

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