Trump administration ends parole program allowing Filipino veterans to petition families before green card arrivals

A major blow to Filipino World War II veterans and their advocates — who have been fighting to get benefits from the U.S. government for decades.

The USCIS has announced that the Trump administration is putting a stop to a policy that allows these Filipino veterans to bring family members to the United States before their green cards are available.

Advocates have lobbied for this benefit because these veterans are in the twilight of their lives and need the care of their children immediately.

But the backlog in family-based petitions in the U.S. have taken years, even decades, for these green cards to be granted.

The administration’s move was part of an executive action President Trump had signed back in 2017, and rolls out with the recent USCIS announcement.

“This is a compounding injustice to our aging Filipino veterans and families. This FWVP program is a critical need to our veterans and their spouses. We should as a community should do our best to advocate against its termination,” said Atty. Lou Tancinco in a statement.

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