Trump addresses brewing conflict with Iran before world leaders at the UN General Assembly

MANHATTAN — President Donald Trump did not mince words before a room full of world leaders and diplomats at the United Nations General Assembly when he addressed the brewing conflict with Iran.

“One of the greatest security threats facing peace-loving nations today is the repressive regime in Iran.”

The United States, Saudi Arabia and some European countries blame Iran for the September 14th attack on an oil facility in Saudi Arabia.

The damaged oil field produced half of the country’s oil – about 5 percent of global output.

Saudi saw the attack as the worst attack on gulf oil infrastructure since Iraq’s Saddam Hussein attacked Kuwaiti oilfields in 1991, according to officials.

Yemen’s houthi group, known to be aligned with Iran, has claimed responsibility for the attack. The group has been fighting a saudi-led military coalition since 2015. Iran, meanwhile, has denied involvement.

On Friday, U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced that the United States is also going to send some help.

“In response to the kingdom’s request, the president has approved the deployment of us forces which is defensive in nature and focus primarily on air and missile defense.”

Fil-Am Jee Eswar is an army veteran who served for more than ten years. He was deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

“That’s why we joined the military, is to protect our country.”

Eswar pointed out that this type of deployment is not just about securing the oil refinery but also to protect the many non-saudis who live and work in Saudi Arabia — and that includes some 550,000 Filipinos.

According to Philippine officials, about 50,000 Filipinos work in areas affected by the bombings.

“The fate of any assault to this country will be destruction and captivity.”

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, while addressing the military police in iran’s parliament, the armed forces chief of staff said that enemies who try to attack iran will face captivity and defeat. A day before, iranian president hassan rouhani said his country’s message to the world was peace and stability.

“All nations have a duty to act. No responsible country should subsidize Iran’s bloodlust. As long as Iran’s menacing behavior continues, sanctions will not be lifted, they will be tightened.”

The Trump administration has said that the president is hoping to build an international coalition to oppose Iran.

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  • Mario
    26 September 2019 at 5:21 am - Reply

    Saudi oil installations bombed resulted to a losses of 5.6M/brl/day. But US is not affected because Trump oil production can supply the whole WORLD OIL consumptions.
    That is how big American oil production, Texas Oil production alone is bigger than OPEC. That is why we are the ENVY of the World. Saudi was bomb, not US troops, but we retaliated in form of Bank sanction on IRAN. The reason why we are fighting IRAN, because OBAMA under JCPOA agreement allowed IRAN to make a NUKE bomb by 2025. TRUMP, 2nd term end on 2024. Trump withdrew from JCPOA, and to STOP IRAN making an ATOM BOMB. IRAN acquiring a NUKE bomb, means, All ARAB nations will also built their own NUKE Bomb.ME will become a free for all NUKE region, and anytime the ME will have a NUKE war.If IRAN will not come into agreement, we have no choice, before TRUMP leave office on his 2nd term, we will go to war and destroy/flattened IRAN.