Translation project makes SF city documents, webpages and policies accessible to immigrant communities

SAN FRANCISCO — Assessor-Recorder of SF, Carmen Chu, was pleased to announce the major accomplishments of the city in terms of providing accessible language services for immigrant communities.
The office of the Assessor-Recorder is 75 percent done in the translation process of city documents, webpages, and policies.

To help the diverse community of San Francisco, there are six certified bilingual staff that consists of fluent speakers in Chinese, Spanish, Russian, and Filipino.

Translation services can be offered even in the absence of the staff.
“Even if they call our office, even if they don’t come to the front counter, we actually have language line services immediately available so we can conference call in a translator,” Chu says.
Gentrification and cost of living in San Francisco have been growing issues that many immigrant communities continue to face.
To address these problems, Assessor Chu will be have language specialists this coming Saturday, September 30th for a free family wealth forum that will feature workshops on how to afford a home in San Francisco and how to save on property tax.
“The thing I most excited about, they are also going to have the ability to sign up for one-on-one free counseling from tax experts, from state planners, from certifies financial planners.”

Chu says that many long time SF home-owners may be missing out on opportunities that benefit their families.

“If you were lucky enough to buy a house a long time ago and you pass of the property, and you didn’t know you could benefit from not having a reassessment from market value, all of a sudden your tax bill goes up significantly.”
The office of the assessor-recorder says it is also working on getting better data on property taxation to aid lawmakers’ policy decisions.

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