Trade and industry officials visit Houston to encourage investment in the Philippines

by Cheryl Piccio, ABS-CBN News

HOUSTON, TX — The Philippine Department of Trade and Industry has its eyes on Texas, and is working with Fil-Ams in the Lone Star state to showcase the growth and potential of outsourcing to the Philippines, with the aim to partner with the Houston healthcare industry.

“Our industry sector actually provides the information needed by the various healthcare organizations in the United States and elsewhere, so that they can generate quality outcomes and reduce costs,” said Jemain Diaz De Rivera.

The Houston Medical Center is home to the largest medical complex in the world. The Philippine government is looking to market the Philippines as A prime resource for medical treatment support and back office administration.

The Philippines is one of the leading suppliers of healthcare information management services worldwide, with over 188,000 full-time employees and revenue of $2.41 billion in 2016.

“This is a very robust sector of growth for the Philippines. It is backed up by professional practitioners in healthcare and already we are serving the best brands in the country,” said Nora Terrado.

The Philippines has the largest pool of US-licensed nurses outside of the United States. Combined with English fluency, the delegation emphasized the uniqueness of the Philippines to offer higher quality patient services at lower cost.

The delegation of Philippine government trade officials brought healthcare professionals and business representatives from 13 Philippine companies. Local Houston businesses and the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Texas, were eager to hear about the opportunities.

“By coming here to Houston, they also encourage Filipinos to team up with them, so we can share some of our experiences here in the US with the Philippines,” said Dr. AJ Rosario.

“I really appreciate the chamber of commerce of Texas for bringing this event here,” said Risty Durbin. “I’m so excited because I have been dealing with a lot of problems with billing in my company. I found a lot of companies here that can help me.”

The delegation will proceed to Las Vegas for the Philippines’ participation to the 2018 Annual Conference and Exhibition, which will be attended by around 40,000 healthcare professionals, executives and vendors in the industry worldwide, making it a vast potential for networking and investment opportunities.

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