Toronto police investigating mysterious death of 41-year-old Pinay

by Marlou Tiro, ABS-CBN News

TORONTO, CA — A forensic team is now doing an in-depth investigation surrounding the mysterious death of 41-year-old Rhoderie Estrada.

“Our job is to photograph — collect what we can see, what we can gather for further investigation to provide clues that might advance the case,” said Andrew Hubbard.


Homicide detective Mike Carbonne is heading the investigation. An autopsy was conducted on Sunday but results have not been released.

In a previous press statement, Detective Carbonne believes Estrada was killed by an unknown person.

The person, he says, may have entered the home through a side window sometime between Friday evening and early Saturday morning.

Emergency crews were called early Saturday to Torrens Avenue.

They discovered Estrada’s lifeless body with obvious signs of trauma.

Officers are now combing the neighborhood for evidence.

Estrada, who worked as a nurse in Toronto, left behind 3 children.

Her husband, Gerald Aquintey, is a restauranteur who owns the Tinuno Restaurant. The staff has refused to answer questions.

Aquintey’s Facebook page meantime was flooded with messages from friends and families expressing shock and disbelief about Estrada’s death.

One of Estrada’s friends sent a poster calling on everyone to come forward with information.

While there are many questions left unanswered surrounding the death of Rhoderie Estrada, there is one thing that is certain: that her family and friends want the person responsible for her death to be brought to justice.


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