Top U.S. military official says no changes in US troops situation in the Philippines

A top U.S. military official insists — that despite President Duterte’s announcements that there will be no more joint patrols between U.S. and Philippine troops in the disputed ares in the West Philippine Sea and that U.S. troops should leave Mindanao — that nothing has really changed in the set-up in the Philippines.



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  • Mario
    17 September 2016 at 5:07 am - Reply

    US military advisers,businessmen preachers, sleepers, will not leave Mindanao FOREVER, for economic and strategic reason. Mindanao has one of the biggest oil and Uranium deposits in the world. Sulu sea, one of the deepest water in the world,that a US Nuclear submarine can hide submerges-standby ready to fire, at the bottom of the Ocean for a normal 3-6 months tour of duty, without detection from the Satellite. NEW high tech weapons like stealth Drones fitted with laser gun and bodyheat detector missiles are being tested to the insurgents in Mindanao.The trigger of this Drones is from Virginia, flew at supersonic speed to Mindanao. One of the technique to control the economy of one area is to create panic,chaos like bombing,finance the rebels, in order to discourage Foreign investors, that ONLY US can monopolized the Natural Resources.Mindanao has almost everything from copper, Aluminum,Gold, all minerals including raw Diamonds.You understand now why we have NPA at Cordillera mountain, it is full of gold, only US mining company can operate.

  • Santiago Del Mundo
    17 September 2016 at 9:52 am - Reply

    The NPAs would rather stay in rugged places like Sierra Madre or Cordillera is because it is easier for them operate (terrorise or manipulate) farmers and that because of its distance, it takes time for help to arrive. For example, if a bus leaves Ilocos Sur enroute to Isabela or Cagayan, somewhere along the way, NPAs conduct their own version of check points, at which time NPAs will demand FEEs to be paid or its your life. This practice has been going on since Tita Cory released all of her NPA relatives, you know what I mean Tito Mario?
    Tito Mario, I am pretty you are probably reading all kinds of Liberal inspired articles or blogs that would speculate that a nuclear powered submarine would hide in Sulu depths or test drone outfitted with laser guns and use it against insurgents in Mindanao? Tito Mario, you sound like a Wikipedia columnist or blogger…However, it is a fact that when a submarine sail out, no one knows their destination, not even the infamous CNN…