Top Rank CEO Bob Arum hints at possible Pacquiao comeback this year

LAS VEGAS — Six months after the controversial Pacquiao-Horn fight in Brisbane, Australia, Top Rank CEO Bob Arum hinted about a Pacquiao comeback in April of this year.

Arum says he does not want to complicate the fighting senator’s schedule in the Philippine Senate, so he is working around the Senate’s recess.

“His senatorial duties would allow him to fight in April, and we proposed a fight for Manny in April, and we are waiting to hear back,” Arum said. “I hope to see Manny back in action on April of this year.”

Arum says that Pacquiao has also expressed interest in fighting in a big arena in New York, and this is the venue that Top Rank will be arranging this week.

“We certainly have the plans and who the opponent is, but I’m not gonna say it until Manny approves it and maybe we are looking for a possibility of doing something very, very unique for Manny… something that he would love, because he mentioned it to me at one time and that is to fight in the Madison Square garden in the big garden and in the big stage.”

Arum adds that Pacquiao’s boxing comeback is because of his advocacy to help the poor.

“One thing I know about Manny is he uses a lot of his money to take care of people who are in need. I think he wants to box again because he wants to build so many more free homes for the people.”

Meanwhile, 27-year-old Jerwin Angcajas is the new Top Rank protege. Arum believes thatJerwin Angcajas possesses phenomenal boxing skills.

“Jerwin has a real shot to be a big, big player in boxing, he has great attitude he has a lot skills he is a very very exciting fighter, I saw him on the Pacquiao-Horn fight card and he looked tremendous. And when opporutunity came for us to sign him, we didn’t hesitate to sign him. I think he is a great, great addition to Top Rank boxing.”

With the prospect of becoming the next Pinoy boxing phenom, Angcajas will be very busy with the fights Top Rank has lined up for him this year.

“If we are doing a fight in Vegas, he will be in the card — and if we are doing a fight somewhere else he will be in the card I don’t want to pigeonhole to a particular city or particular region. He is so exciting and we can make such good fights for him that he can fight any place.”

For now, Angcajas and Manny Pacquiao are the only 2 Filipino boxers with Top Rank.


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