Tons of waste arrives back in Canadian soil, ending years-long dispute with Philippines

Canada’s garbage is back in the country a month after being returned by the Philippines over a prolonged waste dispute.

While Filipino Canadians are happy the garbage is back on Canadian soil, some say the issue is far from over.

A ship containing 69 containers of Canadian waste from the Philippines arrived at Deltaport Terminal on Saturday, ending a six-year dispute between the two countries on the garbage issue.

It all started in 2013 and 2014, when containers shipped to the Philippines were mislabeled as recyclable plastics, even if they contained household trash, including diapers.

The Philippines asked Canada to take the trash back, but failure to make the private company involved accountable… sparked a diplomatic dispute between Ottawa and Manila.

President Rodrigo Duterte threatened Canada with war.

He also recalled the country’s top diplomats.

“I’m also very disappointed with the way Philippines made too much of a big deal over this issue… he was prepared to go to war with Canada over a simple issue as this when with the China incident he couldn’t even stand up to China when that was a more important issue I thought,” said Virgil Hilario.

The garbage will be brought to the Waste to Energy facility in Burnaby.

It will be incinerated and turned into energy in the form of steam that will be used to generate electricity.

Despite this, some kababayans say the issue is far from over.

“Ang global south should never be a dumping ground for any garbage, ginagamit na isa ng corp from the north to extract materials and resources tapes binabalik pa basura. Ang resolution nito, una accountability ng corporations and govts. on all level and pangalawa, compensation ang country, dapat i-compensate ang Pilipinas sa nangyaring perwisyo nito.”

Bayan Canada adds, Canada should also issue an apology on the matter.

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