Tom Steyer apologizes to Filipino voters in Nevada after poor finish in caucus

A Democratic presidential candidate is saying sorry to Filipino voters in Nevada.

“If somehow we didn’t reach out to the AAPI or the Filipino community in Nevada, that was clearly an oversight. I apologize for it but it’s my strong intention to reach out as someone from a state where the Filipino community is so important.”

Tom Steyer did not pick up any delegates at the Nevada caucuses.

His campaign is hoping they’ll gain some traction after South Carolina’s primary on Saturday.

And carry that momentum up to Super Tuesday, march 3rd. That’s when 14 states, including California, will hold nominating contests.

“I’m from San Francisco California, Asian Americans specifically Filipinos are a major part of the population in California and in San Francisco, and an incredibly positive part of the population of California and San Francisco. I have gone out of my way to try and work with the AAPI community, and to show up at every event that I can even if I was the only Presidential candidate who shows up.”

Despite underwhelming poll numbers, Steyer’s campaign has no plans of quitting. Even after giant political rivals, like former vice president Joe Biden and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, have gotten big celebrity endorsements.

Another underdog in the 2020 race who is not ready to give up, is Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

“I invite you to stand with me. Cast your vote and make sure your voice is heard. Not the voices of the pundits and the pollsters on tv who try to tell you what you should think and who you should listen to and who is going to win the election.”

Gabbard was the only Democratic presidential candidate who did not qualify in the last debate.

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  • Mario
    3 March 2020 at 5:53 am - Reply

    TRUMP had a rally in S Carolina, ONE day before the DEMS primary election. TRUMP asked the 13,000 crowds, jam-pack stadium. He said “Who is weaker and easier to defeat between SANDER or BIDEN” The louder response was SANDERs. The following day BIDEN won, for the first time, the total DEMS vote for BLACK American is 16%, GOP will get 80% of the BLACK votes. TRUMP also asked STEYER and BLOOMBERG to quit after spending HALF a BILLION and never won any delegates yet. TOM STEYER QUIT, spend $250 Million, but place 3rd in Nevada. Mayor PETE BUTTIGIEG, also ending his Prez campaign and endorse BIDEN. AMY KLOBUCHAR drop out and will support JOE BIDEN. This coming week, HClinton ordered by the Judge for deposition UNDER OATH after they recovered all her Email and Benghazi investigation was incomplete. This will prevent HClinton to rig the DNC broker convention and possibly prohibit her from running.