Toddler burn victim becomes first Filipino patient for Shriners’ Hospital

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A day after arriving at San Francisco International Airport Marites Dumpai and her two-year-old daughter Cloe are at the Shriner’s Children Hospital in Sacramento meeting with burn victim specialists.

Cloe’s burns resulted from a candle that fell in the bed as she slept.

Maritess also met with the host family who will take her and Cloe in while Cloe goes through a long list of procedures that includes reconstructive surgery and fitting for a burn mask that will prevent facial scarring.

The process is expected to take between six months to a year before they return to the Philippines.

And any future treatment in the U.S. for Cloe will continue until she is 18-years-old, according to the Shriners.

All of their expenses will be shouldered by the organization through fundraising and members’ dues.

Alex Llanera, president of the Ben Ali Islander Club, said, “The medical care itself like the reconstructive surgery is provided by Shriners hospital which is really a donation of the services for the patient. The living expenses, the accommodations, the transportation for mom and daughter for outpatient appointments will be provided by Ben Ali Islanders Club and Aahmes Islander Club.”

The Shriners say baby Cloe is their group’s first Filipino patient, an endeavor that took three years to accomplish.

Maritess said, “As long as I see that she’s fine, it will be ok. Even if she won’t fully look as she did before all this, I’m still thankful for the help they have given me.”

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