Tony Award-winning Filipino talks about new musical “Side Show”

NEW YORK – As the Broadway revival of the musical “Side Show” opened Monday night in New York, Jhett Tolentino may not be in the cast, but he has every reason to be nervous about opening night reviews.

Three-time Tony Award winning Broadway producer Jhett Tolentino is one of” Side Show’s” lead producers.

“I had the chance to see this at the Kenny Center,” said the Tony-winning Broadway producer. “Ten minutes in, in that first song “Come Look at the Freaks,” it just spoke to me. I felt that I was one of them. … Joanne and I looked at each other and said, ‘we have to get this show.’”

“American Idol’s” debut season’s first runner up Justin Guarini debuts as Broadway producer as well.

“I’m used to being on Broadway eight times a week,” said Guarini. “But, you know, as a producer, I get to sit and watch a wonderful production put on by a wonderful group of people.”

As Side Show opens, some of the show’s Tolentino co-produced are closing in, January – “Cinderella, This is Our Youth,” the Imelda Marcos interactive musical.

This Pinoy producer is fast becoming an influential part of the Broadway community when it comes to producing.

“Aside from prestige, it’s the influence I think,” said Tolentino. “Some producers tell me, you know, we’ll go wherever you want to go. So that to me is comforting, because that’s just a validation of my hard work and dedication to the business.”

Broadway shows come and go, but the producers say they are here to stay.

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