Three proud Pinoy dancers lead Disney Channel’s Descendants 3 ‘Dance On’ project

Time to get your dance moves on as this all-star lineup gets ready to welcome the new Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants 3.

To mark the premiere this Friday, Disney and Dance On partnered with a trio of Filipino talents, challenging fans to hit their dance moves.

Leading the campaign is Gabe Deguzman — at 18 years old, Deguzman, has done a number of music videos and award shows, and many projects with Disney.

“I didn’t think I’d be choreographing for Disney. Right now it’s been a dream of mine to work behind the scenes with the Disney company, and it’s just so surreal.”

A couple of star magic talents have also thrown in their moves.

Fil-Canadian AC Bonifacio and Fil-Am Ken San Jose, both world-renowned dancers, are now strutting their moves on popular ABS-CBN shows as part of Star Magic.

For the 16-year-old Bonifacio, who has already topped 2 million Instagram followers, every new milestone continues to be a dream come true in her dance journey.

“My mom just put me into dance classes because she was like you have to do activities, I was in piano, was in singing, I was doing sports, but I fell in love with dancing… I’m still in love with it now so it’s crazy to have that passion in me and to be able to inspire other people at the same time still working.”

“It’s just a great thing that I get to be a part of it and I get to experience it as well with my friends,” said San Jose.

For these Pinoy dancers, a chance to be on set with Disney is another milestone for Filipinos in Hollywood.

“I’ve been watching Disney since I was really really little, and yeah it’s such a blessing to be part of a big organization.”

As Bonifacio and San Jose get back to the Manila showbiz scene, where they are now venturing into acting as well, De Guzman continues his classes. With Disney launching its new streaming service, which will bring original content, De Guzman says he’s excited to work with them again.

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