This is Calexico: Local Filipina college student describes life in a border town

The U.S.-Mexico Border stretches over 1900 miles.

560 of those miles are along California, and two of the main legal crossings go through Calexico.

30,000 people traveling in and out of Mexico pass through the town of 38,000 which covers 6 square miles, leading into Imperial County.

With heavy Latino influence and culture, Asians make up less than 1 percent of the city.

Among them is college student Erika Lira.

Born and raised in Calexico, her family has lived in the city and works in the medical field.

“People just drive through here they don’t think anything of it. They don’t realize that there’s real people living here. The culture is the most amazing thing like literally if you want to go experience Mexican culture you can cross just over there and get some tacos. There’s always culture events going on here. It’s very amazing.”

Calexico, a quiet border town has been in the national spotlight, is home to the most recently upgraded section of the border fence. It got a presidential visit over the weekend — with President Donald Trump standing firm on his emergency declaration at the US-Mexico border.

“It’s an emergency. It’s a colossal surge. And it’s overwhelming our immigration system.”

The president’s supporters as well as protestors both showed up.

As the steel and barbed wire stand here acting as a secure boundary between two countries, residents say the problem isn’t coming from the south side of the wall. They have issues in their own backyard.

Our unemployment rate is 27.5% we’re the 7th most polluted air in the United States, we have issues in this city, we have issues in this country, and the border is not one of them.

Locals say a potential border shutdown would only worsen the situation.

“If he’s shutting down the border he’s shutting down a lot of things like a lot of our fruits and vegetables come from over there so we wouldn’t… a lot of our farm workers are Mexicans,” said Sarah Herrera.

Trump has since backtracked on threats to close the border, saying it wouldn’t happen for at least a year.

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  • Thomas
    9 April 2019 at 2:38 pm - Reply

    I live in El Centro California about 10 miles north of Calexico. I am puzzledby the fact that people feel that there’s no problems with the Border there is. do these people forget how many tunnels have been found under the fence when I used to go to Mexicali which is in Baja California right across the border from Calexico being in line coming back home from Mexicali I can count people just climbing the fence and going over into Calexico. in remind me again how many pounds of drugs are found by border patrol agents in ice on a weekly basis it’s unbelievable yet people neglect these facts and I wonder why? There is a problem folks it needs to be fixed Trump may not have the best ideas that at least he’s trying to do something which is better than most people have done which is nothing.

    • Mario
      21 April 2019 at 1:50 pm - Reply

      Another Caravan arriving by the end of the month, Border Patrol are expecting 150,000 illegal alien next month,(from 50 countries).The DEMS control Congress will NOT abolished the OBAMA IMMIGRATION LAW on “CATCH and RELEASE”. Once the illegal step-inside the US territory, they just wait for the Border Patrol to CATCH them and after 20 days they will be RELEASED, with the condition to return for court trial within 5 years. Only stupid Illegal return for Court trial.Dems wanted OPEN BORDER, DHS want to release 150K a month to DEMS control SANCTUARY City… My WARNING to you… STAY AWAY or do not JOIN, from this VIGILANTES, PATRIOT and Civilian Militia, already formed in New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and other State. FBI already step-in, many illegal Alien are being HUNTED down,Salvage, with a pretext as Citizen Arrest.