This innovative Filipino-Canadian entrepreneur invented a drink-holding handbag for today’s women on the go

TORONTO — Finally, an affordable designer handbag for women on the go — complete with multiple pockets, plus two built-in drink holders inside.

This is thanks to the ingenuity of Filipina entrepreneur Mitzi Faigal, owner & creator of Mitzify handbags. Her classic handbags allow busy working women to go about their day hands-free.

“Women are basically disorganized.  When they’re looking for something like a makeup, they’ll dump everything on the bed.  So in one of those days, I told Mitzi, why don’t you make your weakness your greatest strength.”

After several prototypes, Mitzi came up with a functional and stylish handbag that will free up women from carrying their drinks, gadgets and multiple bags in hand.  The designs are comparable to other luxury brands at a fraction of a cost, while creating a livelihood in the Philippines.

“It’s made in the Philippines.  It’s only $150.  I have also indigenous designs where I got the cloth, the fabric, from Sagada. This one is Buntal.  Next year, we will be launching this handbag and the seashells and coco shells.”

“I was really attracted to her designs.  The price is really affordable and the price and the quality is really good because they’re leather and they’re light,” said customer Reina Lagman.

“So when I think of my girlfriend or my mom, and just how they love bags, it’s fashionable and it’s really functional too,” said Allan De Lara.

Mitzify handbags is set to launch in the Philippines next year and the company aims to become a global brand by 2025.

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