“The time for change is now”: Gina Ortiz Jones’s race for Texas’ biggest congressional district

Fil-Am Texas Democrat Gina Ortiz Jones remains unfazed by personal attacks against her in the runup to next week’s polls. The politician, who hopes to become the first openly gay Filipina American in U.S. Congress, insists the time for change is now. Cheryl Piccio brings us this report.

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  • Mario
    31 October 2020 at 11:50 pm - Reply

    TEXAS, the biggest producer & exporter of OIL, Trump won 813K votes against HClinton. GINA Ortiz JONES running for 23rd Congressional Dist. DNC supported her with $6.5M against $1.5M on the GOP candidate, she has a big chance to win. But, bad news BIDEN and OBAMA cancel their Rally in Texas, the reason nobody is attending. From Sept to Oct 20, TRUMP entertained 758,000 crowds against 832 for BIDEN. My PREDICTION landslide victory for TRUMP He will flip NEVADA(6)& MINNESOTA(10). TRUMP won in 2016 at 306-232. For 2020, 306+6+10= 322-216 electoral votes. The LATINO in Nevada and BLACK in Minnesota will support TRUMP to win. 2016 election: WHITE, T=58%,HC=37%, LATINO, T=34%,HC=62%, BLACK T=8%.HC=92%, ASIAN T=28 HC=58, Non White EU,ME T=21%,HC=74%. Changes for 2020, WHITE T=52%(down), LATINO T=44%(Up), BLACK T=32%(Up), ASIAN T=30%(up), Non White,ME T=30%(Up). What is shocking; All TRUMP rally 36% are NOT GOP and 30% did not vote for 2016. This are TRUMP possible voters.