‘The Lola Project’ art exhibit celebrates family matriarchs across the generations

Kim Arteche’s interactive art piece “The Lola Project” allows people to experience an important part of Philippine culture.

“I have been doing this project at undiscovered for the past two years, where we’ve been collecting stories about people’s grandmothers, specifically within Filipino families.”

Arteche says that the project really taps into Filipinos born and raised in the US to celebrate our Lolas who are a unique bridge between Filipino tradition and U.S. life.

“It’s really a healing thing to think about the grandmothers, the matriarchs and all the feminine care makes so much of Filipino life; that’s important to us.”

The interactive event had actors dress up as Lolas (‘grandmas’ in Tagalog) and ask random people if they had something to eat or ask if they are sick and then attempted to cure them with Vicks Vaporub.

Granny Cart Gangstas, which is an all-woman sketch group from bindlestiff studios, participated as Lolas during this edition of undiscovered.

They were able to get in character by channeling their experiences with their own Lolas.

“I draw a lot of strength and a lot of courage when I’m afraid and when I’m at a down place in my life. I can turn to the memories I have of my Lola to uplift me.”

People were also encouraged to write down memories of their Lolas.

For Arteche, the goal is to collect all these stories and archive them into a book by mid 2019.

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