‘The Filipino Instant Cookbook’ officially launches in the Bay Area

OAKLAND, CA  — It was a packed house at Seventh’s West in Oakland — as all six authors of “The Filipino Instant Cookbook” were present for its official launch.

Next to the authors was a small altar with images of their loved ones — all whom were their inspiration for the book.

And in speaking with some of those who purchased the book – the authors said it could also be a way back to their loved ones.

Inside the cookbook, there is a collection of over 75 various Filipino dishes; some traditional, others with a twist.

“Nothing with any sort of bad intention though you know I’ve heard from people that we’ve done things a little bit differently for instance we might use a different type of vinegar or something that they may not be familiar with,” said Jaymar Cabebe.

“It’s people appreciating it like hey you made something that’s nut free,” said Romeo Roque-Nido. “That’s cool, or gluten free or anything like that, something that leans more towards like the more modern or newer types of diets.”

An online community of over 40,000 people have eagerly awaited the launch of this book.

The authors said their overall goal is to make sure Filipinos, especially those born and raised outside of the Philippines, to reconnect and be proud of their roots.

“I want people to go back to their lolos, lola, and titas and titos and learn those recipes and preserve them for their family history,” said Tisha Gondo Domingo.

“This is a celebration of our culture and our food and allowing ourselves and our children to reclaim the culture, be proud of it, and propagate it and make it their own,” said Jeannie Celestial.

The Filipino Instant Pot Cookbook can be found online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and Target stores.

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