The Filipino Flash eager to help typhoon victims

By JV Villar, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

After he was checked for an injury post fight, the Filipino Flash Nonito Donaire Jr. went straight to the Omni Hotel to meet and thank his supporters. Though his win marked the start of a new chapter, Donaire wanted to share his victory with his kababayans who are mourning due to tragedy brought by super typhoon Yolanda. Donaire said he wanted to help.

“We are actually doing a lot of auctioning,” Donaire said. “My fight auction, my robe auction—whatever money we get from that will be donated. “

The former world champion thought he would lose. But he said couldn’t let his fellow Filipinos down. He said his opponent was strong and dangerous—not to be overlooked. He wanted to show the world how good Filipinos fight.

“During some of the rounds I would tell my negative mind to take a break,” he said. “So I told myself to just give it my all. If I could just land one punch, he would fall hard.”

It was Donaire’s first fight as a father. He also recently reunited with his own father. He says he was trained not only to fight but to fight as a true warrior—motivated and smarter than ever

“I wasn’t smart before,” he said. “I just punched and punched without thinking. Since my father came back, I went back to my of fighting while thinking.”

Before the night has ended, Donaire expressed his eagerness to support the calamity victims in the Philippines. He has faith in the Filipino spirit. No matter what how bad a storm may pass, by the end of the day, Filipinos will always fight a good fight.

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