TFCU Talks inspire Fil-Am students to breakthrough to greatness

SAN JOSE, CA — San Jose State University hosted the latest TFCU Talks — a new motivational speaker series aimed at Fil-Am college students.

Speakers were chosen from various fields that include music, tech entrepreneurship, and education — all of them sharing advice on how to break through to greatness.

“People have a message from all walks of life and bringing them together and knowing their success and their story, I know was going to make a huge, positive impact,” said Romeo Marquez Jr, TFCU program Manager.  “And again they just dropped gems and that’s what today was all about.”

Hip-hop music was front and center at TFCU, with the world renowned DJ Q-bert showcasing his skills on the turntables, while explaining how constant practice and passion led to his success.

Bay Area Fil-Am rapper Paolo Rodriguez, better known as P-Lo, has broken through the music scene this past year in the US and around the world.

P-Lo hopes to inspire other Filipinos who are trying to get into the music business.

“I’m still fighting to reach a higher level so more people,” he said. “Coming behind me it’ll make it, I would not say easier, but I become a vantage point for them. So for me just to represent that, it’s humbling.”

John Corpus, a Fil-Am entrepreneur and CEO of Photobucket — a photo and video hosting site — shared his advice to the students who are living in the heart of Silicon Valley.

“You have an idea? You got to think big, start small, you got to go fast. And you got to fail early and fail often. And the more you fail, the more you learn, the more you win. ”

Dr. Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales from Pin@y Educational Partnerships uses her colleague, Dr. Dawn Mabalon’s three questions about ethnic studiesm to help young Fil-Ams understand why ethnic studies is so important to their own development.

“Question #1 is: who am I? Ethnic studies helps us understand who we are. The second question is: who are my family members and what is my community all about? And so family and community is that second piece. And the third one is how do I change the world? How do I use my knowledge and transform the world and solve problems my community is facing?”

TFCU talks will continue its series with future stops in Chicago and New York.

For those interested in checking out the speeches in its entirely and for highlights, you can check out, or watch them on YouTube, TFCU Official.

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