TFC’s “Bahay Book Club” features reading sessions of Filipino children’s stories

“We took Filipino tales and legends and translated them into English because there was nothing in English that shared those types of stories.” – Beverly Desuasido, Creator/Producer of TFC’s “Bahay Book Club”

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  • Mario
    19 July 2020 at 11:55 pm - Reply

    This program is designed for Pilipino kids who leave abroad. I wish the new owner of ABS-CBN Franchise will include this “Bahay Book Club”. August 30 will be the last day of employment and maybe all TV/radio channels-station of ABS-CBN will cease operations. As seen from YOUTUBE: “ABS-CBN Franchise Hearing”, a CONGRESSIONAL Votes of 70-YES vote-Kill the Franchise, against 11-NO vote-RENEW the Franchise. ABS-CBN will go back to the original owner, which is Marharlika Broadcasting-the Government. What are the original assets of Maharlika Broadcasting that was taken over by ABS-CBN, the FRANCHISE and maybe the old building and antenna tower, TV equipment is old and obsolete? What is the Government strategy, to renew ABS-CBN Franchise means an insult to the Congress. The Government will just issue a new Franchise to a new owner who is not politically biased to the Government, but he has to start all over again. GMA-7 is being viewed internationally and have the capability to duplicate ABS-CBN operations and program abroad.