Texas pinoys appeal for aid for typhoon victims

By JV Villar, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Filipinos living in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas could not fathom the horror and devastation kababayans back home are going through following Typhoon Yolanda.

During a luncheon for ABS-CBN Foundation’s Sagip Kapamilya Program, Managing Director Gina Lopez made an appeal for help.

“What I guarantee you sincerely is that every single centavo or anything that you do we will make sure that it gets to where it’s supposed to get,” Lopez said.

In just one night they managed to raise over $5,000.

“Today what we can do is unite the Filipino people and the American community to help the people in the Philippines,” Vivianne McLaurin of the U.S. Navy said. “They’ve gone through so much; so much devastation. Through donations, whether monetary or in kind, people just need to reach in and reach deep and give to the Filipino people.”

ABS-CBN Foundation International is not only committed to distribute funds but also support recovery and rebuilding efforts of many communities devastated by Typhoon Yolanda.

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