Texas Pinoys alarmed over possible ISIS-linked attacks

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack outside Sunday’s Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest in Garland, Texas and the terror group warned of more attacks to come.

In a broadcast on its official radio channel on Tuesday, ISIS said the two gunmen, identified as Phoenix- residents Nadir Soofi and Elton Simpson, were “Al Khilafa” soldiers.

“Al Khilafa” is how ISIS refers to its soldiers.

Police said on Sunday, the two gunmen rolled up to the Curtis Culwell Center and opened fire, as a provocative contest for cartoon depictions of the Prophet Muhammad was just wrapping up. Representations of God or Muhammad are considered offensive in Islam.

“Garland officers that were close by saw what was going on, engaged the two men, shot and killed them both there at the scene by their car,” said Joe Harn, spokesman for the Garland Texas Police.

U.S. authorities have said that they are investigating whether Sunday’s shooting has any links to ISIS.

But Filipina Kaye Inumerable-Martin, who lives just half a mile away from where the attack took place, said she’s definitely concerned about terrorists roaming her neighborhood. She said, “Well, I’m really scared because it happened in our neighborhood. When I heard that ISIS might be involved in this, it just really hit close to home.”

Martin and her family were thirty miles away at her in-law’s house when the shootings took place, but wonders what have happened if she and her loved-ones were home on Sunday. “I have a one-year old and I’m very protective of her, and I couldn’t even think or imagine what may have happened if there was a big shooting and it went closer and closer to our neighborhood, it could have gone worse than it did,” she said.

She may be concerned. But Martin said ISIS will not be successful in stopping their quality of life. Martin expressed, “Even if we know that it happened close to our house, that didn’t prevent us from going to a nearby store, and passing through the scene of the crime right after. Life goes on. You can’t control things like that. You just have to pray and hope that everything will be fine.”

Authorities said for now, ISIS has not offered any proof that they were behind Sunday’s attack and officials believe it’s likely the terror group is only being opportunistic in its claim.

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