Texas Jewish community warmly receives ‘Quezon’s Game’

Quezon’s Game is the extraordinary true story of how former Philippine President Manuel Quezon, played by Raymond Bagatsing, risked everything to rescue more than 1,200 Jews from the Nazi regime.

The film received a Texas-sized welcome at recent screenings in Dallas and Houston.

Prior to World War II, Quezon, along with his businessmen brothers — Philip, Alex, Morris and Herbert Frieder — and then brigadier general Dwight Eisenhower, worked together to make the Philippines a safe place for Jewish refugees.

“It’s terrific that we have a feature film in theaters that can reach so many people all over the world. Hopefully, Quezon can get the recognition he deserves. And I am pleased that people can get to know the story.”

Quezon’s Game was also warmly received by the Texas Jewish community in Dallas.

Quezon’s Holocaust heroism led to the rescue of persecuted Jews, as many as Oskar Schindler, at a time when most countries were turning their backs.

“I think our political leadership during that time took great risks to be able to help these people. And what we did was open our doors when others decided to close theirs,” says Jerril Santos, Consul General of the Philippines in Texas.

The film has already received various film festival awards, including best picture, best director, best actor, best cinematography and screenplay.

Quezon’s Game is being shown in select US theaters until February 13th. For more information, visit www.mytfc.com/quezonsgame.

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