Texas’ Gina Ortiz-Jones reflects on a race well run

SAN ANTONIO, TX — High hopes, cheers and Latin music.

At the headquarters of the Democratic party in San Antonio, volunteers, organizers and newly declared district winners all gathered to show support for their fellow candidates as the results began to flow in throughout the night.

With the announcement that the Democrats had assumed control of the House, it seemed the blue wave could not be stopped from rolling across Texas.

The Texas congressional race between incumbent Republican Will Hurd and Democratic challenger Fil-Am Gina Ortiz-Jones appeared to be over, with media outlets calling the race for Hurd late Tuesday night.

But a dramatic overnight comeback happened in which Ortiz Jones pulled ahead, causing news outlets across the nation to retract their projections.

And it didn’t stop Hurd from declaring victory Tuesday night.

“I am extremely proud of the campaign my team has run. It’s been an amazing opportunity to give voice to all the issues that matter most to Texans, it has been my honor to talk about how to best serve these communities. It didn’t shake out the way we want, but we ran a campaign we are proud of and reflects Texas values,” she said.

But a new day may bring new opportunity. Hurd led Ortiz Jones by only 689 votes, with all precincts counted. Well within the threshold under Texas law to call for a recount.

Gina’s campaign would be required to foot the bill, which could run $100,000 for a total recount.

Democrats and Republicans have battled in some of the most heated political contests that Texas has seen in years. The certainty of Texas always being red, is not so certain anymore.

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