Tennessee Filipina woman gives birth to quadruplets

Say hello to the Bertsch squad: Kimberly Anne, Parker Duane, Samantha Kate, and Savannah Page — four Filipino American bundles of joy, born a minute apart of each other on June 13th to a Cebuana, Haydee Bertsch.

While the proud mom says the 31 and a half weeks of pregnancy wasn’t difficult, it took about 20 hospital staff including doctors to bring this foursome into the world.

“Hindi sya nahirap yung mahire was because we were apart for 3 months. Yung husband ko wasn’t there for 3-month because he was still in Egypt and I was at his sister’s house because we decided to move to Mississippi when we found out I was pregnant,” Haydee said.

“The day ng nanak ako that was supposed to be my regular check-up but one of the doctors in Vanderbilt decided to assist me just in case, check my cervix that they said you’re ready to go. You’re ready because it was 4cm na. I was in labor. Ang tolerance ko is really high yung. Pain tolerance ko is really high so hindi ko ramdaman i was in labor that day.”

Haydee and her husband Mark met when they were both working in the Middle East. They were in Egypt when the couple found out Haydee was pregnant, and they decided to come back to the U.S.

A birth like this is rare, according to the latest data from the centers for disease control only 193 sets of quadruplets were born in 2017.

After Haydee’s c-section, the quads were weighed — ranging from 2.7 to nearly 4 pounds each. Each one stayed in the hospital for several weeks.

They are healthy and thriving and happy to be at home with mom and dad.

“You can imagine going up 40 diapers a day, not including our toddler, so 40 diapers a day for quads, that’s 8 feedings a day, times 4 so that’s 32 feedings, a day. 32 bottles get made a day, 40 diapers gets changed a day, yeah all those things times 4 that typical household will do with one baby we’re dealing with 4,” said his father, Mark. “But the blessing is times 4 as well, we not only get 4 times the work, but we get blessed 4 times over as well.”

For the Bertsch family, this happy healthy quadruple birth has a special meaning.

They had lost a pair of twins a few years ago, before giving birth to their eldest son Jayden.

“We had twin boys that passed away last 2016 because I gave birth when they were only 29 weeks and they passed away so he’s our rainbow baby.”

And now their rainbow baby is kuya to these three girls and a boy.

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