Tenants fight against evictions in booming SF neighborhoods

SAN FRANCISCO — A rallying call brought residents from the South of Market neighborhood to the Bayanihan Community Center on Wednesday night.

The event featured free legal tenant advice on what to do with an eviction and other issues.

Kababayans in the area have been fighting developers who have been using various eviction tactics.

“We want to make to sure that tenants know that at a time they get a buyout,” said Raymond Castillo. “$20,000 might seem like a lot, but when you add that up and compare to the cost of living now at the new place they’re going to live in, that buyout is never going to be enough.”

These Filipinos understand that the  cost of living in San Francisco has soared because of the recent tech boom. That’s why they hope to open a dialogue with companies entering their neighborhood, to find a win-win solution for businesses and residents.

“A lot of these people grow up in this neighborhood. They play, strive, and work in this neighborhood. And so to have development without displacement, then we got to communicate. They need to come in, talk to the tenants, talk to the neighborhood and to see how we could co-exist,” said Castillo.

Tenant rights coalitions say they have already started to develop some relationships with certain tech companies.

However, they say their fight is also with the city, which they say is pushing gentrification.



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