Tech Discovery: Scooter saga

SAN FRANCISCO — Things have gotten a little bumpy for scooter startups in San Francisco lately.

Despite the wide use of lime, bird and spin scooters throughout the city, criticism has been mounting for their unregulated use, and the irresponsible ways these scooters are left behind after use to litter the streets.

Currently, CA bill 29-89 seeks to keep these scooters on city sidewalks, allowing users to go up to 20 miles per hour, while only requiring minors to wear helmets.

But just last week a resolution opposing this was filed.

It’s no wonder why these scooters have seemingly taken over San Francisco…

These scooters get you to where you need to go, without the hassles of other transportation options.

Signing up is easy. Start by downloading any of the scooter apps and creating an account.

Bird asks to scan a driver’s license if it’s your first time, and also requires users to agree to rental rules.

Then scan, unlock a scooter, and you’re ready to scoot!

Most of the services cost $1 per half hour ride, with incremental charges depending on excess miles or minutes, thereafter. Some also offer monthly subscription rates.

While there may be roadblocks ahead for scooter companies, as of now, they are still very much on track to becoming the most popular alternative in the city commute.

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