Tech Discovery: OneDegree app helps low-income families get services

Non-profit meets tech: an unlikely marriage in this day and age.

But that is, and it has been changing lives since 2012.

“You see so many technology companies like Uber, Amazon and Facebook, and so many technology companies that are seeking for profit, but very few nonprofits using tech for social good. And that’s what we’re doing with One Degree,” said founder Rey Faustino. “We’re making it easy for low income and at-risk families to find the critical and vital services that are out there in our community.”


One Degree is an app that’s available at and you can use it to find resources like immigration services, health, food, housing, affordable housing and everything in between.

“There are over 10,000 services here in the San Francisco Bay Area alone, and we serve other parts of California as well.”

It’s very simple and easy to use, very user-friendly platform, so that you can click on the different categories like health, housing and employment services, family services, legal services, and then continue to drill down if they need very specific things.


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