Tears of joy flow at Aiza and Liza’s California wedding

BEN LOMOND, Calif. – High above the Santa Cruz Mountains, a love story came full circle on Monday as Aiza Seguerra and Liza Dino tied the knot at a private ceremony.

It was a long road to the top of this mountain. The two first met over a decade ago as college students. They went on with their separate lives — Aiza continued his Philippine showbiz career as Liza moved to the US where she gave birth to her daughter Amara, her eventual maid of honor.

The two reconnected on Twitter less than two years ago while Liza, the former beauty queen turned actress, was in the Philippines. Since then, the real life love team became known as ZaZa, sharing their love for each other and love for adventure every day on social media.

This romance also became the face of the Philippines LGBTQ movement, as Aiza came out as a transgender man.

Those daily love stories have led to this moment in front of some 50 guests in a romantic and lighthearted outdoor ceremony followed by a barn house reception.

Many were teary eyed and all were happy for the new husband and wife.

“Aiza, we are commiting ourselves to each other and I think that’s what matters the most — that we are ready, that we are publicly declaring this commitment because we know that it’s us,” Liza told Aiza during the reception.

Among those giving a toast was Sylvia Sanchez who played Aiza’s mother on “Be Careful with my Heart”.

The newlyweds encouraged guests to take to social media with the hashtag #ZaZagothitched, their way of sharing with the world their special day that took 13 years in the making.

But the wedding bells have just begun ringing. The happy couple will tie the knot again as they’re scheduled to have a Philippine wedding next month.

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  • Nolan Garcia
    10 December 2014 at 8:15 pm - Reply

    Well done, Steve! Spot on description of the wedding and their relationship. Thanks again for giving us a lift down that dark and windy road! Keep up the good work bro!