Teachers prepare for possible strike in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES — Hundreds of faculty members from the United Teachers of Los Angeles office pick up thousands of signs and placards, which are expected be seen throughout the city on Thursday.

“It is a last stand for public education and if we don’t strike the future of public education is at stake. I’m going on strike for my students for my school’s. I’m going on strike to make sure that there’s enough librarians that there’s enough nurses that we can service all of the students of Los Angeles,” said Mark Ramos.

For nearly two years, the union that represents some 30,000 public school staffers has been in a contract dispute with the nation’s second-largest school district over issues that include salaries, classroom sizes, and the growing number of private-run charter schools.

“The district isn’t respecting the teachers. We’re fed up we are ready to fight for our students our families our communities.”

The school districts have said it has offered what it believes are fair deals and have tried to take some of the union’s methods to court.

The district claims a strike would hurt students more.

The school district and the union are expected to meet again on Monday in the last minute effort to mediate.

“We are going to engage in any talks that we can to try to resolve this without striking but we need those to be serious talks. Where the district passes that threshold that I’ve talked about They’ve gotta give us proposals that show that it’s not just crumbs while they continue with cuts and privatization that it’s a substantial investment in public District schools,” said UTLA president Alex Caputo-Pearl.

In preparation for the strike, the school district has hired an estimated 400 substitute teachers.

The last time Los Angeles teacher went on strike was nearly 30 years ago in the spring of 1989, and lasted nearly two weeks.

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