Tax preparers give advice on saving during refund season

LAS VEGAS, NV — The filing deadline to submit your 2016 tax returns is Tuesday, April 18. While there was a delay of tax refund earlier this year, many kababayans working in the service industry are benefiting from the so-called entertainment tax.

Las Vegas’ service and hospitality-driven economy employs many Filipinos, who rely solely on tips.

Pinoy workers we spoke to say that getting taxed from their hard earned wages is something that they have learned to live with.

However, savvy taxes preparers, like Alisandra Casildo, say there are tax deductions that employees working in the service and entertainment industry in Nevada can avail of — from personal grooming, mileage, and even phone used for on-call employees.

“Especially if they are working in a casino for those butlers… they can track their mileage, because they can always use that as one of their deductions aside, from that they need to have their phone with them. Most of them are on calls they can use that as one of their deductions,” said Casildo.

Casildo adds that service industry workers can save a lot of money in tax bill, by saving receipts.

Meanwhile, Vegas headliners Martin Nievera and Lani Misalucha — who make their living as entertainers — are no strangers to filing taxes in the Silver State.

“If everything is done in the right way everything is by the book, and no one is trying to pull over one the singers,” said Nievera. “Because you know, we crooners and singers in Las Vegas are a dying breed — you know if you are not in an acrobat and suit jumping from one area to another on top of a horse, you don’t have a job. So the crooners, I speak for everybody here in Vegas… as much as possible if you are gonna tax us, give us something to taxed for, give us a gig, give us a show.”

But savvy tax deductions is where siren of the strip Lani Misalucha saves a lot as she can claim all the expenses: her gigs on the road.

“Ang na de duct ko usually kung ano yung sa profession ko,” she shared. “Usually yung sa clothing make up yung mileage siempre yung to and fro, sa work deduct ko yung sa office equipment.”

Remember: the deadline to file for 2016 income tax returns is on April 18th!

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