Tampa Fil-Ams fuse Filipino folk dance w/ hip-hop

TAMPA, Fla. – If there’s one way to get the millennials involved in a Filipino community cultural event it’s through hip-hop dance with a Pinoy twist.

PhilFest Revolution is an annual dance competition in Tampa, FL. where youth teams from around the Sunshine State compete through contemporary dance infused with traditional Filipino dance moves.

Melissa Barrido, organizer of PhilFest, said, “Revolution is a Filipino folk dance and hip-hop competition, it brings together all the youth that’s around Florida, even surrounding States, to come and compete and showcase their culture.”

Gary Agustin of UCF’s Fresh off the Beat said, “Even though we grew up in America, like in this society, it’s not too late to kind of go back to your roots and it’s not too late to learn about your cultures and that is important, it is fun.”

Even non-Filipinos join this competition and they say it’s a learning and enriching experience they will never forget.

Damian Framer of TCCDC said, “I think for those who are forward thinkers and those who want to have a broader experience, to know that we are part of one world. I think bringing culture, food, all of that stuff is just a medium of showing people how we connect.”

But before the competition, contestants also got to enjoy a day of immersion in everything Filipino from regional Filipino food to authentic Filipino dances.

Marvin Molina said, “They get to see our culture, they get to know what Filipino are about and it’s amazing.”

PhilFest is an annual Filipino fiesta held in a 10-acre property owned by the Filipinos of the Tampa bay area.

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