Tagalog used in Nevada caucus voting materials

LAS VEGAS, NV — Following Iowa and New Hampshire, Nevada is the third state in the nation to weigh in on the Democratic presidential nomination.

The Silver State’s caucuses were held February 22.

For the first time, Democrats are able to cast their votes through early voting.

Same-day registration is also permitted.

Another first in the battleground state, the Democratic National Committee has approved and printed Tagalog caucus materials because of the state’s growing Filipino population. Government data show that there more than 138,000 Filipinos in Nevada.

Besides Tagalog, the caucus materials will also be printed in English and Spanish.

“I think its great, being here in las vegas we have a pretty big population of Filipinos, and its good to be included being inclusive. And of course those who grew up here, its good to include everybody we have families here we’ve got big Filipino families here,” said voter John Licas. “And so being able to extend that language into better connected, I think includes everybody and they can understand how to vote properly or be involved in the community.”

“It’s important as Filipinos to have our voices heard. Here we can be the margin of victory like we can make up that difference for the candidate because we are the fastest-growing demographic here, and if we really mobilize and engage voters we can make sure we have a seat at the table,” said leader Dan Santos.

Nevada’s Democratic party stated that more than 36,000 Democrats have filed their preference cards during the 4 day early caucuses.

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