Surviving loved-ones of Fil-Am family who died in the boat fire weigh in on probe developments

STOCKTON, CA — These are the northern California-based children and stepchildren of Filipino-American Michael Quitasol and Fernisa Sison, who were among the 34 people killed after a dive boat caught fire on Labor Day.

All of them are certified divers and have been on the exact boat, The Conception — in their past diving trips.

Besides Michael and Fernisa, three of Michael’s daughters — Nicole, Angela and Evan — also perished in the tragedy.

Fernisa’s son, Dominic Selga and daughter, Nisa Shinagawa, said it’s been tough dealing with their family’s loss — but they’re relying on each other for strength.

Sison’s children recalled the times they were on board The Conception — thinking if they were properly informed of emergency situations.

“I do remember them just saying just some safety precautions that necessarily I remember if they’ve talked to us about fire extinguishers or anything like that. But yeah, they had a briefing for sure.

These siblings said they’ve chosen to speak to the media because it’s a way to honor their mother, stepfather and stepsisters.

“The only reason why we do these interviews because you know, we want to keep them alive, their memory alive and make sure that everyone knows how amazing they were, all of them.”

When asked if they would ever consider diving again following the tragedy — they said they haven’t completely ruled it out.

After all, it was a past time that once brought so many wonderful memories for their family.

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