Survey shows Asian American voters once again poised to make an impact in the November Election

The poll showed that a majority of immigrant voters planned to vote for Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden compared to just 30% who said they will re-elect President Donald Trump. 88% of the Fil-Ams said they are absolutely certain to cast their vote.

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  • Mario
    17 September 2020 at 12:29 pm - Reply

    VICTORY for TRUMP, 2016 ASIAN(11Mvoters)HC=58%, T=28% yet TRUMP elected. TODAY 30% gain 2 pts.2016 BLACK(15M)HC=92%, T=8% Trump won, Romney=6% lost, TODAY,T=40%. if Trump gets 20% it is a landslide.2016 LATINO(32M)HC=62%, T=34% TODAY Trump=52%, Trump might flip Nevada and Colorado.2016 WHITE(50M)HC=37%, T=58%, TODAY Trump=70%…2016 MILITARY HC=34% T=60%, TODAY Trump=91%, Soldiers Salary increase first time in 15 years.2016 30-OIL STATES, HC=6, T=24, TODAY Trump will get Nevada and Colorado, because of BIDEN ban on Fracking and Green New deal Policy which is the elimination of Fossil fuel…TIKTOK deal with ORACLE might fail.TRUMP want US Corp will buy TikTok mother Co ByteDance, because of National Security.100M US users mostly Kids installed in their cell phone, in 20yrs, SOME, your Children will become a politician, CEO Gov’t, servant,etc., CCP has unlimited DATA base, that they will backtrack, find DIRT, and blackmail them if they do not cooperate with CCP.